Nice Celebrity Deaths 2011 photos

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Nice Celebrity Deaths 2011 photos

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Tuki Brando celebrity deaths 2011
Image by ONETERRY. AKA TERRY KEARNEY Celebrity descendants are standard fare in the fashion world, with the assumption being that they're spoiled brats coasting on the family name. Not so with Marlon Brando's grandson, Tuki Brando, who appears in a swank new print ad for watch brand TechnoMarine and has previously done modeling work for Versace. The 20-year-old medical student has had a dark and often traumatic family life, according to a brief profile in the Telegraph. His father, a boyfriend of Marlon's daughter Cheyenne, was shot dead by Tuki's uncle, Christian Brando, before the boy was even born. According to some accounts, the shooting was the result of possibly false claims by Cheyenne that her boyfriend, Dag Drollet, was abusive. A few years later, after being diagnosed with schizophrenia and losing custody of her son, Cheyenne hanged herself in Tahiti. Tuki was 4. Nine years later, when Marlon Brando died, the Hollywood superstar added insult to a life of injury by leaving Tuki out of his will. So, it's hard to dismiss Tuki Brando as a child of privilege. He could more accurately be considered a survivor. In its coverage of his mother's death in 1995, People magazine noted: "There are dysfunctional families, there are the hard cases who hurl insults at each other on daytime talk shows, and then there are the Brandos, a true house of pain." Liverpool city centre 2014

Susannah York celebrity deaths 2011
Image by olebrat Susannah York, one of the best (and best-looking) performers of the 1960s and 1970s, died today of bone marrow cancer. York's son, Orlando Wells (the Duke of Kent in The King's Speech and Lord Montagu in A Very British Sex Scandal), announced her death earlier today. The London-born York had turned 72 on Jan. 9. Though hardly a household name today â€" people's ignorance is truly their loss â€" Susannah York was featured in several top releases of the '60s and '70s, among them Ronald Neame's military drama Tunes of Glory (1960), Tony Richardson's Oscar winner Tom Jones (1963), Fred Zinnemann's Oscar winner A Man for All Seasons (1966), and Sydney Pollack's Great Depression classic They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969), for which York deservedly received an Oscar nomination and a British Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress.